Why us


Over 96.5% accuracy in data sourcing and annotation services


Multi-location expert resource pools providing high scalability TAT aligned to client business needs.


A SOC 2 ® certified organization defined by appropriate SOC ® guidelines and procedures, delivering benchmarked business outputs whilst protecting clients’ sensitive data satisfactorily

Domain Expertise

AI Workspace has bagged a unique position in deliberating Sourcing and Data Annotation services thereby initializing supervised learning for Machine Learning Algorithms. Our expert and experienced resource-pool, coupled with extensive R&D and project specific data service ideation has led to development of extremely niche skillset in various domains.

Foreign Languages

Qualified and experienced resource pool for effective text annotation services in various languages including French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

Race & Ethnicity

Expertise in face identity verification for varied race and ethnic backgrounds such as African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, East Asian, South Asian population. etc.

Brands and Logos

High volume and high accuracy bounding box and label verification activities for varied global brands and logos both stand-alone and in-the-wild images.


High quality data sourcing, data validation and label verification use cases for famous landmark buildings and monuments

Cartoons and Animations

Expert data sourcing and annotation services for images/videos of varied animation characters.

Facial Expressions & Emotions

Advanced data services for effective and efficient human facial expression identification and human emotion verification.


Niche image and video sourcing for specific sports such as Formula-1 racing, NFL, etc.


Trained resource pool to source news clippings and videos for varied news topics.

Person Tracking

State-of-the-art data annotation services for person tracking in public spaces including airports, shopping malls, etc.

Content Moderation

Data annotation for moderation of content related to sensitive/inappropriate data for various use cases.

Celebrity Recognition

Expert resource pool for research and Celebrity identification and verification of celebrities across nations.

Anomaly Detection

High quality ML data sourcing for shape, pattern and missing/foreign object anomalies in manufacturing process.

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data services

Data Sourcing

R&D, searching, selection, organization and presentation of huge volume of data, 24/7, using expert and professional data sourcing tools

Text Annotation

Segmentation and annotation of forms and all kinds of dense texts that feed into and empower AI algorithms

Image / Video Annotation

Segmentation and annotation of images and videos for succesful machine learning models including face detection, person tracking, celebrity recognition, etc.

Printing & Scanning

Printing and scanning of large sets of documents in varied fonts and resolutions for advanced machine learning towards effective text extraction.


High quality and high volume of one-way and two-way communication transcription.

Data Repository

Sourcing, categorizing and providing large sets of raw data to clients for effective machine learning projects.


Process and Controls are certified as per US auditing standard defined by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) SOC 2 ® guidelines
Multiple state-of-the-art delivery centers across India manned by 2500+ dedicated professionals to ensure timely delivery of projects
Dedicated Office in USA for better understanding and co-ordination with clients and ensuring quality on-time service always!
The agile operations team is capable of efficiently managing variable workforce depending on client requirement ensuring complete peace of mind.

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