Client testimonials

“Great work by the AI Workspace team in the latest version of the spreadsheet! I appreciate the effort the team has put forward to capture the data clearly and accurately. Let’s keep this high quality throughout all the data sourcing efforts.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the entire AI Workspace team who was involved in the 2019 text annotation deliverables. I appreciate the excellent sincerity that your team has demonstrated and handled challenging issues with commitment over the past 6 months. Most notably, we delivered more than 25k tables and forms and more than 10k OCR. The model accuracy improved by 15%. Let’s continue raising the expectations by obsessing over quality, scaling and reducing delivery times with future sourcing and annotation cycles. A special thanks to Souvik & Rajesh for ongoing support, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to work with such a dedicated group of people.”

“The impeccable content-moderation work done by Rajesh and his team has helped us get a huge appreciation. The same would not have been possible without their relentless hours of hard work on QA.”

“Our team considers this project a success and is very happy with the quality of work, throughput and the level of ramp-up that your team demonstrated during this project. I also want to personally thank Payel for the level of commitment her team showed during tough times.”