Data Sourcing

Our data sourcing services involves R&D, searching, selection, organization and presentation of huge volume of data, 24/7, using expert and professional data sourcing knowledge and tools. Sourcing is performed by an expert team which consistently finds, identifies, organizes, and shares the most relevant and highest quality digital content on a specific topic for our client’s target market.

AI Workspace as a subject specialist, conducts original research on objects and guides the client in the expansion of its clientele. AI Workspace has a team of expert data sourcing personnel, each assigned to a specific collecting area (e.g., Image, Content, Digital, Data, Video & Graphics etc.) and often operating under the direction of a head curator.

The various data sourcing services by    include:


Objects, faces, logos, brands, celebrities, etc.

Content Sourcing

Forms and dense texts in English and various languages


Videos of sports, news, brands and logos, fashion, and various other domains

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