Get Top-Notch Quality Of Filtered Content On Diverse Data Domains

Our data annotation services cover a vast range of data domains, which helps our expert content moderator team to deliver large volumes of filtered content with precision and accuracy.

We cover several data domains like:

Foreign Languages

AI Workspace offers high-quality text sourcing and annotation services in various foreign languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Persian, Korean, Mandarin, Lebanese, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Our language services primarily include text alignment, segmentation and rectification, OCR, content area and line annotation, simple and complex table annotation, clickable item and other complex annotation services. Other language services include sourcing, printing, scanning, transcriptions and development of huge data repositories for ML requirements.

Foreign Language Annotation
Image sourcing and Annotation

Race & Ethnicity

We offer expert image sourcing,  image annotation and face identity verification services for varied race and ethnic backgrounds such as African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, East Asian, South Asian population etc. Our expert and experienced talent pool of 600+ resources working specifically in the Race and Ethnicity domain are trained to source and annotate high quality images for Global and Regional famous personalities and people from varied population groups. Other Race and ethnicity annotation services include face identification, age group and gender identification, reference image identification, cluster image verification, etc.

Brands & Logos

Our skilled team of data annotators identify logos in images accurately and offer high precision and recall for brand prominence. Our bounding box and label verification activities are executed in high volumes for varied global brands and logos, both stand-alone and in-the-wild images.

Brand and logo annotation
Landmark annotation


AI Workspace delivers results within seconds, enabling customers to process significant volumes of high quality data sourcing, data validation and label verification use cases for famous global landmark buildings, monuments and satellites for mapping.

Cartoons and Animations

Our expert data annotation team sources and annotates images and videos of varied animation characters to provide requisite use cases for various character identification and video categorization.

Cartoon annotation
Facial expression annotation

Facial Expressions and Emotions

We offer advanced AI/ML data annotation services for effective and efficient human facial expression, human emotion, human body language, behaviour identification and verification. These large volumes of datasets are used by varied industries which range from consumer behaviour analysis to security assessment.

Sports & News

We source niched images and videos for specific sports such as Formula-1 racing, NFL, etc. We ensure that our trained resource pool is well-adept with sourcing news clippings and videos for a range of varied news topics.

Sports and news annotation
Person tracking annotation

Person Tracking

Our state-of-the-art data annotation services for person tracking in videos of public spaces including airports, shopping malls, etc. are crucial for a varied range of use cases which include monitoring consumer body language as well as security analysis.

Content Moderation

Content Moderation is key to delivering accurate content to customers and our expert team of content moderators are skilled in advanced data sourcing and data annotation services for delivering safe and trust-worthy content related to sensitive/inappropriate data, essential for various use cases.

Content moderation
Celebrity recognition

Celebrity Recognition

AI Workspace houses a pool of trained resources to source and annotate high quality images for global and local famous personalities from varied population groups.

Anomaly Detection

AI Workspace is a prominent player in the anomaly detection market. From sourcing high quality images from various manufacturing sectors as per specific guidelines to annotating and labelling them having identified various kinds of defects and anomalies, our anomaly detection services range across a vast range of manufacturing sectors such as Consumer Packaged Goods, Electrical, Automobile, etc.

Anomaly detection

Sentiment Analysis

We offer sentiment analysis services for fast and accurate identification and assessment of the emotional tone in comments from customers and other stakeholders towards a brand. Listening to what all the stakeholders are saying about a brand, whether directly through customer support portals or via sharing reviews/opinions on social media, offers great insights into an organization’s SWOT – providing deeper insights into market trends and opportunity areas in any industry. Ai Workspace provides expertise in working with large sets of unstructured data for advanced Ai sentiment analysis across industries and data types.

Code Detection

Detecting pieces of code from a chunk of text is crucial and has various utilisation across industries. An Ai/ML solution having the ability to detect codes from large chunks of data is crucial and can have varied use cases ranging from IT developers and data scientists to data security personnel monitoring employee communications externally. Our skilled team of data annotators identify pieces of codes in texts accurately and offer fast and high precision code detection services for AI/ML use cases across diverse domains and industries. 

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