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AI Workspace has bagged a unique position in deliberating Sourcing and Data Annotation services thereby initializing supervised learning for Machine Learning Algorithms. Having provisioned an advanced AI Workspace out of a total built up area of above 200,000 sq. ft., our team of 1000+ employees have been able to coin their credibility, deep domain skill and competence with a worthy SOC 2 ® certification. A SOC 2 ® certified organization defined by appropriate SOC ® guidelines and procedures, our goal is to deliver benchmarked business outputs whilst protecting our clients’ sensitive data satisfactorily. AI Workspace’s service commitments and system requirements were achieved based on the trust services criterias set forth in TSP section 100, 2017 Trust Services Criteria for American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) during the SOC 2 ® audit process.

Furthermore, operating out of multi-locations such as Kolkata, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Pune, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Vishakhapatnam, we have ensured keeping pace with resource expansion as per project requirement and have demonstrated impeccable efficiency, growth and productivity levels over due course of time. Our state-of-art annotation services for Machine Learning and AI algorithms have primarily focused on objects, labels, text and audio-visual detection, along with facial recognition. Up until now we have annotated more than 500 million objects appropriately for largescale, internationally-acclaimed companies, and on an average, our deliverables have recorded a consistent accuracy level of 96% and above over the last six months. We also facilitate allocation of trust and safety teams for large online marketplaces which ensures the provision of accurate and filtered content to customers.

Our Competencies

Celebrity Image Sourcing: Sourcing various celebrity images on various countries.

Brand Image Sourcing: Sourcing various brand images across the globe.

Ariel Image Sourcing: Sourcing and annotating various Ariel images on subjects like backyard, frontyard etc.

Receipts and Invoice Sourcing: Sourcing receipts that are procured from retail stores.

Forms and Dense Data Sourcing: This required us to source various forms and data objects which have dense texts e.g.: Thesis materials, Meeting Notes, Clinical Notes and others.

Text Annotation (OCR): Identification of all texts in an image presented, and drawing boxes around the same.

Annotate attributes of Forms: Annotating various attributes of forms like OCR and tables.

Scene Capture Annotation: Annotating various events in a scene that is displayed.

Medical Content Annotation: Sourcing and annotating various image objects that are related to human anatomy, animal anatomy etc.

Label verification and identification: Sourcing and verifying various image objects based on the requirement.

Image Decision: Making a decision on whether the question asked is applicable for the shown image. The answers are pre-defined and the worker needs to select the correct answer.

Video Decision: Making a decision on whether the question asked is applicable for the shown video. The answers are pre-defined and the worker needs to select the correct answer.

Face Decision: Drawing a box tightly around a face, adhering to the various rules applied for the box to be drawn.

Content Area Identification: Annotating content area of text (both forms and dense text).

Paragraph and Paragraph Header Identification: Annotating paragraphs and paragraph headers.

Person Tracking: Drawing a box around every person which is seen in a given video.

Celebrity Recognition: Identifying a given celebrity in a video or image. Answers are predefined and the worker needs to select the correct answer based on the image match.

Text Transcription: Typing the text visible on the screen.

Researching Spanish websites on the domain Legal, Finance, Insurance and Health, extracting all the web pages through common crawler, and delivering an output in JSON format.

Our board of directors


Founder & Executive Chairman
Globsyn Group


Joint Managing Director
Globsyn Group


Joint Managing Director
Globsyn Group

Our Project Team

Ajeya Sengupta

Process & Business Monitoring

Soumak Roy

Client Account Manager

Souvik Roy

Project Manager
(Text Annotation)

Arijit Kar

Project Manager
(Race & Ethnicity)

Soumen Das

Project Manager
(Foreign Language Annotation)

Nilanjan Goswami

Project Manager
(Image & Video Annotation)

Ratnadeep Banerjee

Project Manager
(Content Moderation)

Indrani Kar

Project Manager
(Anomaly Detection)

Rajesh Paul

Quality Manager

Adhiraj Biswas

Research & Development Lead

Arunava Das

Privacy & Security Officer

Prasenjit Talukdar

Training Lead

Piyasha Nath

HR Manager

Samiran Das

MIS & Monitoring Lead

Partha Pratim Das

Admin Manager

Writuparna Chowdhury

Software Engineer

Namrata Dasgupta

Software Engineer

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